FAQs about Harmony Dental Plan

Harmony Dental Plan is NOT INSURANCE, but rather a licensed Dental Savings Plan that is offered through our local Dental office. This means that our partnered dental offices have agreed to charge plan members at a discounted price. Unlike dental insurance, Dental Savings Plans have no waiting periods, no pre-existing conditions, no maximums, no exclusions, and no hassles.

Harmony Dental Plan members are charged based on a transparent, pre-negotiated member-only fee schedule. All preventive, basic, major, cosmetic, and orthodontic procedures are discounted for active plan members only. Plan members receive 20-40% savings based on the procedure type for all preventive, basic, major, cosmetic and orthodontic dental care at their local Dental office. Plan members simply pay the discounted amount at the time of service.

Membership fees in Harmony Dental Plan are nominal: Members are billed annually and memberships are only
Individual - $99
Couple - $129
Small Family (Upto 4) - $189
Group of 10 - $369

Taking proper care of your oral health is extremely important. Many people struggle with affordability and access to quality dentistry. Dental insurance isn’t available for everyone. Also, waiting periods, maximums, and exclusions create the problem where people are paying out of pocket. Harmony Dental Plan addresses these issues by providing a real solution for people who need quality dental care at affordable, transparent prices.

A digital copy of your member ID card is available within the mobile app. Once logged in, you can also view and print member terms and conditions.

Same Day! Harmony Dental Plan has no waiting periods, exclusions or maximums. This means you can use your plan immediately after you enroll and as frequently as needed. If you are enrolled in a Dental office or online you would give your affiliated Dental office your name so they can verify eligibility while you are in the office.

Harmony Dental Plan can be used at all Dental locations. A list of all Dental locations can be accessed via the plan website or here for contact details.

Harmony Dental Plan carries a 1-year membership term. The annual term lasts 365 days from enrollment date. All plans are automatically renewed unless a cancellation request is sent by the member to the plan administrators.